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Painful Arthritis Be Gone with MMS

Painful Arthritis Be Gone with MMS

What is arthritis?  (Is Arthritis really Lyme Disease -- caused by a little bacteria in the joinys?(
Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints that lacks collagen deposit. Rheumatoid arthritis involves inflammation and swelling of the joints and the condition appears to be permanent and there is no AMA approved solution – only pills for pain relief! Little do the medical authorities know about an 80 year old remedy for joint pain and the solution does not harm the body in the process.

 Little do the medical authorities know about an 80 year old remedy (water purifier) for joint pain and the solution does not harm the body in the process. It is inexpensive -- only $25 for the WPD kit!

Many old people start to experience such painful joints especially when they try to stand up after a long hours of sitting or if the cold season is around. There are actually many anti inflammatory medications available now but most of these will contradict with other medications such as meds for heart problems.

It is a lack of calcium in the diet that causes calcium deposits is one doctor’s opinion. Transdermal magnesium helps the calcium in your diet be used for building stronger bones. Find our more about transdermal magnesium here --
Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints caused by a wearing away of the cartilage in another doctor’s viewpoint. What causes the cartilage to wear away? I’ve seen that an infestation of spirochetes to eat cartilage and cause bone to bone pain. These water purification drops when taken according to Jim Humble’sformula for MMS to eliminate all microorganisms.
Arthritis has many forms with various causes as well. But the only thing that makes all these condition similar to one another is the pain itself. So how do you know if you really have arthritis?
Do you have these symptoms?
- stiffness of joints
- redness and swelling of joints
- joints start to feel warm and tender

As I stated above, though there are many medications available to help cure arthritis, most of these will bring side effects which are not good for patient with heart diseases. So what do you think you should do to help you with your arthritis problem?

Take MMS; it is chlorine dioxide!

MMS is way different from other supplements and drugs. It has the most powerful components that will not only cure the cause of diseases but it could also help boost your immune system. This is very much advisable for older adults as they are now more prone to get infected because of their poor immune system. MMS will free up more the immune system and their natural anti bodies that will help fight off diseases and infections.

For people experiencing arthritis, they can still take their medications while taking MMS. It will not interfere nor cause any side effects. Just make sure to take MMS 3-4 hours apart after you take your medications. Many people who have arthritis claimed great results just after they take their first few days of MMS dosage.

MMS is now being called water purification drops and has been on the market for 80 years.

Find MMS here listed as WPD – water purification drops: and Http://

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